E6BFB9C0-3B46-475A-BDAD-3CC8A8B3887B.jpegA decade ago I was sitting on this same beach in Aruba, reading a book that changed me in an epic way.

It wasn’t that it was my story at the time, but it was where I learned someone else’s words could speak  life into another. It could breathe braveness, awareness, freedom of our darkest secrets. It could dare to change a life. It is where I decided to be a writer.

This gift of words I read on this beach, broke me to tears. Not for Elizabeth Gilbert’s divorce, or her journey to seek what was holy to her, or her glorious Italian meals, but for the pain in which she dropped her own blood into these words, along with the soaked in tears of joy. Eat, Pray, Love was my book of transformation.

Awakenings of any kind are hard. Once they come, it is impossible to stuff them back into the dark. Each and every day it wakes you up saying “remember me? I am still here. What are you going to do with me today? If nothing- guess who is waking you tomorrow?”.

We desperately try to ignore them because it means change. Change means walking out of comfort and into unknowns. People will absolutely revolt against it. Even the most coveted people you hold in your heart.

“How could you?” They will say. “I could never be that selfish.” They will say to others. “Who does SHE think she is.” They will think in their head while smiling in your face.

You will feel desperate to find those truly saying “good for you” and not walking away thinking you are absolutely mad. When you find them, it will be those brave ones that are also willing to be uncomfortable.

The truth is those who speak ill of your growth, are those who are afraid to be woken. So let them sleep. Even if your heart holds them so dear. It has zero to do about you and your becoming, and everything to do about their stagnant stance and inability to move.

You go.

You turn to the sun and keep growing.

You don’t apologize ever for choosing you.

And don’t you dare make yourself smaller then who you have called to be.

And ALWAYS find the brave ones in the bunch. Even if it’s through written words.

It’s ok to leave a job that promises retirement, but no longer serves your soul. It’s ok to take a chance on something you always dreamed of doing without a steady income or benefits. It’s ok to end friendships that no longer feel like you. It’s ok to stand in what you KNOW is your truth even when people in your church say it isn’t right. I know this because I have done all of this in the past six months.

No matter the story line- career, relationships/friendships, family, moving/travel, identity, spirituality, confidence, abuse, trauma, seeking voice…you ALWAYS have a right to choose you.

The reason the book jolted me then, was because I knew in my greatest most hidden core, I had a journey ahead of me that was daring like hers.

At 42, mine has only begun to grow wildly. Much like this Divi tree in the picture, my roots started like everyone else. Then suddenly – I went against the grain and found my own sunshine to grow in.

I bloom at my own pace, in my own time, in my own way.

Between each bloom, I honor the pain and the suffering that choosing brave causes. I know for a fact that is what delivers the greatest joys.

Trembling, I hear the sound of my own voice, owning where I am going. Speaking what’s on my heart.


I walk forward in faith instead of fear.

Wishing all of those stagnant, to find the hidden piece inside them that will catapult them into daring who they are meant to be.

Truth: we were never meant to stay the same. We are meant to evolve. Do not die a sprout when you are meant to be a diverse forest.

Not a perfect tree growing up right to the sky, but a winding, twisted, one that constantly seeks the sun.

Be still in prayer.

Move rapidly in all the answers that were given to you when being still.

Instead of buying the “be brave” T-shirt – dare to let go and let God.

Letting go and letting God actually means you have to LET GO.

65655153_10156523426739639_647913348658102272_nI’ve been thinking lately, my life is a lot like an Indiana Jones movie. I have fought vicious fights to get to the cave that holds the treasure. Like blood, sweat, and tears, I have never seen come to fruition, appear in the battle. Just when I thought I would have to retreat and give up, I arrived at the door of cave. “Sweet” I thought. For now on things will be smooth sailing. I will wear a cute dress, my hair will be perfect, and I will beam with joy as everyone claps and cheers that I have found the treasure.

Not so quick. The story never ends without someone trying to steal the treasure the moment you grab for it, or the unveiling of villains that once pretended to be your trusted confidants.

So here I am standing. My heart pounding, sweat dripping, tears pouring, wounds reopening to bare to the people in the most vulnerable way, holding the treasure. Plenty of people of cheering and lifting me up in praise. I can feel the triumph and the bravery that have delivered me to this space. It is glorious and my greatest truth.

Then in the moment I dare to think the hardships are over, I see the dark figure out of the corner of my eye. Its greatest desire is to snatch the treasure from my hand. It reminds me I am unworthy, small, and replaceable. It is in this moment I dare to own the gems or submit to the lies of these shortcomings.

The difference between me and the movie, is that my story doesn’t end with a scroll of directors and producers after that scene. My story continues with amazing cheerleaders, and equally with those hiding in the dark to try to take me down.

Sometimes the darkness is someone who seems like they want to help but are really tailgating on your gifting to try and own them for themselves. Other times they are your family members that think what you are gifted in is conning people, because why on earth would God talk to you? What makes you so damn special? And then, there are those times, when those you have sunk your greatest bite of love onto, abandon you because they aren’t quite sure how to deal with you owning your own truth and making your dreams reality.

The truth is bravery is a lonely island sometimes. Other times is it the most supportive, loving loudly, island that could be found.

Sometimes the brave moments reveal parts of who we are that we hadn’t realized even existed. To give them breath it takes a stance of going out on a limb and trying. This is the most vulnerable part of who we are. Who likes to be vulnerable? Nobody. However, it is absolutely an essential when seeking your greatest joy.

For me, an example of this, looks like hearing messages and honoring the fact I must deliver them, even at the stake of possibly being wrong. Most recently, I was sitting on a beach in Portugal and the message would NOT let up. Over and over, I kept hearing the same thing said to me. I knew who it belonged to, but this person has just been introduced to me thirty seconds prior. So as she stood up to leave, my heart started to race, and I knew I had to be brave. I started with “I know you don’t know me but…” and delivered the message. She automatically knew what I was talking about it, and it was related to a loved one that recently passed in her life. She was in awe. I was in awe. The people sitting on the beach with me, in awe. What would’ve happened had I kept that message to myself, like I have done most of my life with others?

So here I am. I have survived the long journey to get here. I am holding the treasure of my deepest desire of just being me. Yet, I am deeply humble, and in awe, each and every time I help someone to heal, because I am the vessel, and my God is the source. There hasn’t been a time I have stood at the foot of the person I am working on and think “Do I actually know what I am doing?”. The answer is always “He does”.

For all those who are hiding in the shadows, planning a way to steal my treasure, I do not fear you. For one, I have God on my side. For two, I have been through bigger battles than you could ever have imagined. For three, I always survive and rise.

I am free of the temple of doom, onto the last crusade.

If you want to hold my rare diamond, I only accept the light in. Be prepared to have to respect my boundaries. I have worked really hard to find it.


🏳️‍🌈Stepping on my Gay Loving Born Again Christian Soapbox: 

When I died and went to Heaven – literally- I was shown it all by Jesus himself. 

Not my interpretation of a book that has been translated a billion times or by another floored sinning human who got a degree to call himself a priest. 

I was shown it by Jesus himself. 

One of the many things I noticed is no matter where you entered Heaven from- the USA to China – all the around the world- there was no differentiation. 

Not in language.

Not in race.


We were ALL THE SAME united in LOVE.

That is it.

My simplest of explanations to human experiences is:

Our souls are energy that enter vessels we call bodies to exist is specific places we are called upon to experience. 

So why does WHO YOU LOVE matter ONLY in the human experience experience and not the HEAVENLY one?

In GODS eyes it doesn’t. 

He made all of us perfectly AS IS to experience this life before you are returned to BE the ultimate love as one soul – one gender- on race. 

We shouldn’t be looking at anything other then the soul of a person to love. 

#NYCHappyPride #Stonewall50 #PrideMonth #bewhoyouare #soultosoul #GodlovesYOU

5014B171-97D1-40D7-AFA3-9FCCC7249ABBWhen big life choices are made to get out of easy, cozy, comfort zones, the world pauses for a moment in bewilderment and envy. To them, it is as if I woke up yesterday deciding to turn my life upside down.

My co-worker says to me at my goodbye party, “Aimee you live life the way we all wish we were brave enough to”. The part she didn’t see was the million times before this moment, that I wasn’t brave.

The process to life changing events is often birthed out of the most tremendous, uncomfortable, pain. It’s sitting in all the things we try to hush. It is honoring the ugly, the scary, the sadness, and all of the undesirable feelings and issues we busy our lives to ignore. It is there, that we plant the seeds of change, and sit in the dirt.

I sat in the dirt for years. I am sitting in the dirt, sprouting, about to bloom, now. I am still sitting in the pain, while feeling the freedom of breaking through the earth. It is only through my faith in God, have I survived this planting, and only with His grace, will I fully bloom into what He has called upon me.

I still don’t have all the answers when people ask. I certainly don’t have a timeline or guarantee. What I do have is the knowing, which is priceless. The knowing, I only gained by slaying the dragons I buried deep within, prayed countless amounts of hours, and accepted who I am wholly.

I have vowed, now at age 42, that I will never stand between me and my calling. I will never accept being “almost” successful, or second guessing who I am. Freedom lies only when you allow yourself to be free.

It is literally a choice. A bold, brave, choice.

Sit in it and do the work. Or live numb beneath what you are capable and meant to do.

If you dare to choose you, I will be in the garden blooming, waiting for you to join me.


A year ago, at this time of year, I knew I had to go. I knew the career I had invested years in, was no longer fitting who I am. When contemplating leaving a job that provides you with a steady income, benefits, tenure, summers off, and stability, one might say leaving is almost impossible. The position I have held for years was the one I most wanted while in grad school for social work. It also is the most sought after. Why would I ever what to leave?

Although my list is many, my short version is, I found myself barely able to get out of bed for months. This had become my norm. I would give ALL I had to those in my presence in the day, that I left with nothing for my own family, or myself. When I took notice of this, I begged the Lord for a breakthrough and a change.

The part that needs to be clear is, we don’t plant seeds to eat the fruit right away. This was a long time coming and a process I had fed for a very long time. True desired growth isn’t something we wake up to. We get planted, grow our roots, sprout, and THEN BLOOM. However in that process, especially when in the dirt and fighting to break through, we MUST seek GOD. The reason being, for all the amazing light and love in the world that wants you to bloom, there is also darkness that wants to keep you stagnant and buried. This my friends, is called a comfort zone. Do yourself a favor and don’t get stuck in one.

So there I was a few months ago, stagnant and buried in my bed….again. My daughter mentioned how I barely live my life out of bed. Her honesty struck me in a way that I had a revelation that this was no longer acceptable. For as much as my dear students deserve me, so do my family, and MYSELF.

God clearly told me who to call on for advice. Key people that were gifted in varied areas by Him, to trust in the breakthrough and the bloom. I met one for coffee one day. She is a gifted spirit of light, that delivers the world her giftings for a living. I had been on her table many times and felt the knowing of this “too shall be me”. She entertained my million questions of insecurity and charging people for what is God given. The common thing she kept telling me was, I just had to step into it. The universe would take care of the rest.

So I did. I started doing energy healings for a few months in peoples homes and seeing amazing results. I have never felt so humble in my life. I am reminded every single time, that HE is the master and I am the vessel. As every being on my table, is completely different, He delivers in completely unique ways. I have never done an energy clearing the same, nor do I ever anticipate to.

My relationship to the Lord deepened more as I practiced. I could not do this work without him. I also noticed I was getting out of bed, I was engaged with my family, I was smiling more, and I felt more me then I ever had.

Along side this time of my life, I was called to take my licensing exam to become a clinical social work. As I knew, my calling was to provide healing to others in a multiple modes of modality. I also had convinced myself decades ago I wasn’t smart enough to pass it. Once I did pass this past March, I heard God say to me “You didn’t need it anyway”. As the only validation I needed to heal people came from His test. The one I am passing because I choose to show up and be open.

One of my giftings happens to be visions. My church calls it prophetic, the public calls it psychic/ intuitive, I call it ME. I have never known my life to not have them, so it is my normal. On this particular day of prayer, I was asking for a breakthrough to rise. I was LITERALLY seeking up. He showed me a picture of me doing energy healing in a church. Dear my sweet Jesus, A CHURCH? And He said clear as day, “You will do this in MY house”.

So I did what any rational person would do and went online to see what churches were available to buy, because seriously, what church was going to let me do energy healings? When I realized I couldn’t afford a cathedral in Danbury, Ct, I went back to prayer. “Lord are you sure”. He was sure. He was practically yelling at me “CHURCH”. So I waited. He was always one to deliver on His promises.

A few weeks later I met this beautiful gem of a soul at a professional development. She asks me about going into private practice and looking for a place to rent, and I explain my different modalities. She tells me she has the perfect place for me. I listen to her pitch: “Cutest space” “half yoga studio” “dearest friend owns it” “affordable rent” and then… AND THEN she says “its amazing- it is in a refurbished chapel”. I gasped.

And there my friends is the breakthrough. I showed up, and He met me there.

Yesterday I was standing in my vision. Praying to Him and His glorious ways of making all things possible. My heart has never felt so much joy and hope. I have never felt more ALIVE IN HIM.

I resigned this week from my current full time position. Honoring, the freedom and promise the Lord has delivered to me, that I am to souly work for Him.

He is the rock on stand on.

I will always show up for Him. He is the master, I am the vessel. The arrow is always up when focused on His purpose. In Him, and for Him, I rise. My benefits may not look like a Summer off or a steady road in a unionized position with a sweet retirement if I stay thirty more years, instead my soul benefit is I work for Jesus and His calling. He will provide. I will be grateful forever and ever.



Serving The Server

8B8DF83B-4E2A-45AC-8CDA-21F218707834“Hi I’m Aimee, I’m happy to be here. Before we start I just want to be clear about a few things: death brings me JOY and my soul focus is Jesus. Are you ok with that?”

He smiles and says, “He is my main man, honey. I am grateful you are here.” I went on to tell him about the day I died and went to Heaven, and came back to this life.

Never in my life did I ever anticipate that I would be standing at the feet of a beautiful soul helping it to receive the gift of end of life peace through our creator. Never in my life.

A week prior to standing here, I got text from an old friend from junior high. She was flying back to our home state of Rhode Island from L.A., in preparation to serve her father as the end draws near here and heaven awaits.

There was something special about this old friend. She never once questioned my story, my faith, or my knowing. She was always just all in when it came to supporting me as is. After all, she had supported me during those early 1990’s of feathered tunnel teased hair, MC Hammer  pants, and 7 miles of walking the mall every Friday night, clearly she could support a little story about Heaven.

This sweet one asked me if there was any way possible I could come visit her father. The part she didn’t know, was when I started my business a few weeks ago, I decided no men for now, and I hadn’t even considered end of life care as an option. However, the moment she asked I heard Jesus, and he was a big ol’ “YES”.

In life, I have learned my obedience to Jesus’ calling is all I ever have to focus on. When He says it’s a go, I run not walk.

So here I am, at the feet of this glorious man who had served our country, and was a supervisor/social worker at DCYF for years in his career. I heard Jesus tell me automatically “He has served well. Pray for him aloud. Serve him” .

So there I stood, hands layed upon his paralyzed body, praying aloud. “Lord I ask you to deliver peace to this great man who has served you, this country, and your people well…”. My eyes are closed and it is as if I am standing in the brightest spot light of love. It felt as if the Heavens broke open to help me serve the server.

I continue to move through his body, clearing his energy, offering him peace, light, and love. I was moved to pray so many times, that we often wept together with what was felt in the room. The weeping wasn’t of sadness or pain, but of joy, hope and LOVE.

Prior, this great man, told me of stories about always showing up and doing the work. He kept saying “I always rang the bell”. I heard Jesus tell me to tell him – “it’s time to let someone else ring the bell. It’s time to let others serve you”.

When I was done, I could easily identify it as the most Jesus thing I have ever done. I realized the greatness of deliverance and the celebration of life when sitting in the in-between. I made a life commitment to always honor this work and show up as a vessel of connection.

I thanked this beautiful man for trusting and accepting me. I also thanked him for the lessons he helped deliver me.

As if I couldn’t have felt more Jesus then what was already experienced, something glorious happened on my way out. The family was interviewing for extra caregiver help. When she came in, I was making my rounds saying goodbye to the family. In that moment I hear her tell the beautiful man I just worked on, “I am a little different, I died when I was a kid and came back. I am very spiritual.” We all stood in shock – except for the great man I worked on who might have said “get the F out of here- I just heard this story” (FYI he is VERY funny).

I introduced myself to this sweet woman. Her experience happened one town over from where mine did. Our stories so similar – even to keeping it a secret and not knowing what it was called until Oprah did a show on near death experiences. It was validation for us both that God has blessed us, and we should walk in faith knowing He brought us back for a particular purpose.

To serve.

Before I headed back to earth Jesus asked me “what have you done for your fellow man”, I will never have to stop and think of this answer again when I am received. As I have lived my life in “what have I NOT done for my fellow man”.

The gorgeous light of man will arrive to Him soon, and he too will answer this question the same. He has served abundantly. What a great honor it was of mine to serve him.

***update: this gorgeous light of a soul returned home on 4/29/19 surrounded by love. He is FREE***

Furry Ap-paw-s

0F5B147D-7EFC-4898-B0D8-C5FAF0BB8A00Meet Milo.  He is my first furry client success!

His sweet human Momma purchased reiki for him in the past for some anxiety. She reported he enjoyed it. This is what prompted me to want to try my gifts on him as well.

In my last post I told you all about our moment together, and how he requested for more energy clearing by putting his paws around me. After that post, his human Momma gave me a follow up to what has changed.

Milo is a rescue dog and suffers from unknown trauma. His human Momma reported that every time she cooked, Milo would run away scared and hide under the covers. She reports: “Since you’ve left he hasn’t done that”.

Why is this such a HUGE success? As humans we can explain anything as being true and effective when it is of a spiritual/energetic of nature. It’s often deemed subjective reporting and up to interpretation. However, this sweet furry friend had a clear trauma he had been triggered by for years, and now he doesn’t. Its behavioral data explained only by a treatment I have given him. Which to me is a message to the naysayers, and a clear win!

Milo- thanks for being my first furry success and receiving what I offered!

Showing Up

08BCEBDF-3813-4E26-BF7A-19DDF9B79FC0Sometimes the universe speak words out of others mouths that are meant entirely just for you in that very moment. I sat there in the auditorium listening to one of my greatest influencers speak, and she said these words:

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up”-Brene’ Brown

Showing up meant believing in myself enough to do what I am being called to do. It also meant to not shrink in shame and explain why or how through others judgements. It meant to trust the knowing and step into it.

The lovely woman sitting next to me was where I would start. Her body kept asking me to clear it, while we intently listened to Brene’. I kept wondering how I could lay my hands on her abdomen without it being socially awkward. The answer was there was no way. So on my way out I told her how I needed to “show up” immediately.

A few days later,  I am at her feet with my hands around her ankles asking her body what it needed. I showed up. I felt her female side of her body imbalanced. I moved up knowing her body was needing a cleanse for new life. At her abdomen, I instinctively know what to pull out, and what to put in. My palms feel like they are on fire. I hear the words “sixteen”. I try to ignore it, wondering why am I thinking about this number. I say it out loud just incase it means something. Tears well up in her eyes and she said “We conceived on the 16th”. This is the moment I realize my knowing is deeper then I thought. That my random thoughts while in someones energy field isn’t actually random at all. That I was to speak whatever I hear, yielding to be a vessel of the only source I let enter my being: God.

The moment I surrendered to the knowing, I started seeing visions (ex. something in nature would remind her of her miscarried child), I started hearing (ex. purple heart), and I starting feeling (ex. predicting some clarity in May and a pregnancy of a boy in the future). The most important part of this experience was having someone willing to receive the gift God has granted me. By the end of our session together, I felt I had gifted her far more than an energy clearing. The Holy one that danced in my blood stream using me as a vessel had confirmed what she needed to hear.

She also mentioned she had gotten her dog reiki in the past for anxiety. I asked if she minded if I tried. Her dog was barking and running all around. He hardly wanted to be pet by me, how was I to do energy healing? I thought, “Lord I am not sure of this one”. I had no idea what I was doing, but I showed up anyway. I placed my hands on his little body. This sweet little boy stood statue still and received what I offered. He looked relieved. When he was done he ran away. His owner scooped him up to say goodbye, and this little guy put out his paws and embraced me, wanting more. So there I was, still as can be, hands around his neck, offering him a spirit cleanse.

I realized by showing up and being open, that my purpose would rise from the unknowing to the knowing. The best kind of growth comes outside of comfort zones. It was the first time in my life I showed up for what I am meant to do. It took me 42 years to realize I am a healer.

This day was when I took my training wheels off. It was only two weeks ago. Since, I have felt like I have already ridden a cycling marathon without a helmet. All of faith focused on the One that matters, showing up saying: “Use me Lord”.

Showing up is the hardest part. It’s also the easiest when your arrive and realize you should have done it ages ago.




“I’ll take that now”


It is heavy. I carry it alone. An invisible boulder that the bustling world can not see, nor understand. Sometimes I refuse defeat and carry it like the Atlas statue in Rockefeller Center. Other days, I am not sure how I can make it out of bed and carry it again. Most days the world does not see the difference in these days because I am fighting to hold it up in silence. I smile, I say positive things, I spread joy to others, and inside I am in pain.

Depression lurks like a thief in the night. Waiting to seek what other joy it can steal. It will stare you in the eye and say “I’ll take that now”. It slow maneuvering  so that you don’t even notice it crept in and its to late to take inventory on what it already took.

This space is all to familiar since I was young. Days I had to will myself out of bed to enter the world, nights I lay awake wondering if anyone could truly see me or care too. The darkness whispers “nobody cares” and “you aren’t strong enough”. Someday’s I believe it.

Most cope with the heavy in unhealthy ways. Mine happens to be isolation. The world is to painful for me when I am feeling so much. I could go on living my entire life in my bed.

Recently I noticed I had arrived there again, just as unexpectedly as the other times. I lost my love of cooking. I lost my love of connecting to people outside of my job. I lost the love of writing. I lost the love of self-care. I lost my need to connect to my kids and husband. I lost my vivacious love for Jesus and seeking Him through it all. I began to live my life waking each day in great anticipation for when I could sleep again. I was feeling exhausted from living. There are an abundance of reasons for why this is, but no circumstance you are living is worth paying with your joy.

This weekend I choose to take it all back. I looked the enemy in the eye and said “I’ll take that now”. I wanted desperately to crawl into bed one thousand times, but instead I did the things that brought me joy once. It’s like exercising  an old muscle back to life again. Knowing, at the very least, I need to treat my faith as less of a hobby and more of a life line.

Faith for me, is a reminder, I am never alone, even in the moments the world can’t see me, Jesus can. He will carry the boulder of pain and heaviness, on the days I can’t seem to get out of bed. I simply need to allow him too.

Other things that help me is therapy (lots of therapy – because ALL therapists need it!), diet, exercise, people that breathe joy into my life, my kids, my family, writing, and the list goes on and on. The difference is my brain sometimes does not allow me to access them. My heart wants to, my brain is like “not today friend. Today we sit with life altering sadness”.

This weekend my brain let me access the good, which means I am on the upswing! However, when I am not, please don’t ask me what I have to be sad about. I carry the worlds sorrow in my downswing. Imagine that! It is part of my make up. I was perfectly made as is. I love passionately, feel joy abundantly, but I can equally feel that abundance in heartbreaking, earth shattering pain. I know this pain and I honor it. For it is the same pain that delivers me through to the undying, screaming with fierce joy, of the other side.  The other side I fought each day to get to.

Before you judge someone based on a moment you encounter them, or what they may seem like on social media, realize you have only been delivered a sliver of their truth. While so many publicly battle horrendous physical illnesses, so many are also battling silent mental ones. They can be as equally fatal. Support them both by checking in on them.







Onto 2019

What I have learned in 2018:
👉🏼I can’t read minds nor can others.
👉🏼If I expect someone to know how I feel I must use my voice even if it’s whisper it is MINE
👉🏼it’s ok to let people leave out of your life without explanation. Sometimes there isn’t one.
👉🏼love doesn’t actually always win but it always matters
👉🏼boundaries isn’t a dirty word it’s a SAFE word
👉🏼find some type of exercise that makes you feel strong not for weight issues but for mind ones.
👉🏼it’s not only important to say no, or to stop apologizing for everything – it’s imperative for self worth
👉🏼don’t make yourself little for others when the king of kings made you to be mighty
👉🏼it’s ok to realize things that once brought you joy can come to end. You have served your time. Keep moving and seeking for what makes your heart dance in the fire 🔥
👉🏼first the pain then the rising. Personal growth doesn’t happen over night or in a linear way. It is messy and necessary.
👉🏼I can never have enough amazing friends —- there is room in my heart for the world
👉🏼 I lead into 2019 with honoring the pain and forgiving those that caused it by being grateful for the lesson they have provided me.
And for those I caused pain to… forgive me. I am human. I hope in some way it will serve you too.